The Simple Tool That Can Increase Massage Clinic Lead Conversions By 70%

Many massage clinics, spas and even chiropractors have a difficult time keeping a continuous flow of leads coming through their door. They have tried to do everything right. They have an amazing highly trained staff, the atmosphere in the office is warm and inviting, their branding is consistent and they even spend money on Facebook ads. But the leads are still hit or miss, even with excellent word-of-mouth referrals.

I’m going to show you how to grow a struggling massage into a successful business converting 60-70% of its leads, using a simple red envelope.

However, before I explain the envelope I want to teach you how to get those consistent leads week after week on autopilot, using Facebook ads and a simple lead generation funnel.


Every day you hear people preach that Facebook ads are the best way to generate solid leads for small businesses. What they aren’t telling you is the correct way to use them.

As a rule, people who are scrolling through Facebook are not “shopping”. So, trying to sell them something via an ad when they are completely unfamiliar with you is really difficult. Businesses who sell physical products such as cars, clothing, books, etc., have a much easier time converting “cold” traffic. This is because people can actually see what they are buying and in some cases have it delivered to their door.

Service based businesses need to warm potential customers up to their offers by establishing trust in their service. How do you do that over the internet? You don’t. You have to actually get them to come into your office. You can do this easily with an amazing offer and a basic lead generation funnel.


The Short Answer: A funnel is the absolute best way to get leads for your clinic on autopilot.

The Long Answer: A good lead generation funnel continually puts your offer in front of potential clients who are “ideal” for your practice with a precisely targeted Facebook ad. The funnel is designed to collect their information and place them on a list which you can use to send offers, services and updates to for years to come.

Setting up a high converting funnel for your clinic is not difficult at all and can be done with a few simple tools. Plus, once it’s created, it does the heavy lifting! (You just have to keep them coming back!)

To setup a successful funnel:

  1. A Facebook ad with an attractive offer
  2. A landing page software
  3. A reliable email service
  4. A kick-ass staff who understands how to ‘close AND upsell’

One question you have to ask yourself is, why would someone click on your ad and opt-in to your offer for no reason? People don’t usually give up their information without getting something in return. The secret to getting consistent leads in ANY business is to have a mutual exchange of benefits. So by giving your audience a freebie or special offer in exchange for their name and email you more than double your chances of conversions.

The key to a good offer for your ads, is to create one that is sustainable; meaning it uses very little of your time, money or resources to reproduce.

An example of a sustainable offer for a massage clinic is a short massage. If you train your staff correctly, then it is easy to upsell the leads into other services. Blow their minds, and they keep coming back month after month.

Whatever offer you choose, will be the feature of your Facebook ad.


While setting up a Facebook ad is simple, you have to have a basic idea as to what type of ad works best for this type of funnel, how to appropriately target your ideal customers and how the algorithm works (which determines your ad costs) to make it convert.

This ad was created to specifically attract the people who are targeted in the ad. There are a few things going on in this ad that make it a solid for lead capturing.

  • Location: City with 50-mile radius
  • Age: 20-35
  • Gender: Women
  • Ad copy: Speaks specifically to mums (who are targeted in the ad) and mentions their pain point.
  • Ad image: Used an attractive woman and a brightly colored flower that will contrast with Facebook’s colors.
  • Ad headline: clearly stated attractive offer
  • Call-to-action: Sign Up (to schedule an appointment)
  • Website: Easy to read URL

AD Targeting

For this ad example, married mums interested in Scentsy and essential oils were targeted. This specific audience reach was about 20,000 people. When targeting locally, that is a great number to start with on each ad.

There are lots of other ways to target women with the same offer. You could target, brides-to-be or engaged women and change the ad copy and image to reflect those targeting options. (i.e. Stressed planning your big day? Let our talented massage therapists melt that stress away with a free 15-minute session.) Pregnant Mums are also looking for ways to relieve stress and pain and are an excellent segment of your audience to target.

The key is to target one specific segment of your audience at a time, in each ad, so that it performs at maximum potential.


Even if you currently have a website for your massage clinic, I do not recommend sending your Facebook traffic there. I always recommend using ClickFunnels with your custom URL, to build a simple funnel. It’s user friendly, has great customer service and their templates help to set your pages up quickly.

The example above uses a simple landing page that will effectively collect leads for your clinic.

There are three reasons why this setup works the best:

  1. The branding, image and page text are consistent with the ad that lead them here. This is VERY important. When they land here it is imperative that it be exactly what they are expecting.
  2. The second reason this is effective is because we are asking very little information, while offering them something that benefits them. Their opt-in process should be fast and easy!
  3. There is a strong Call-to-action.   


After the potential client enters their information and clicks the button on the landing page, their email address will automatically be added to your list and then redirect them to a Thank You page, that is consistent with your landing page.

What this page Does:

  1. The thank you page where you want to create a sense of urgency that the lead should contact you within 48 hours to claim their offer.
  2. It’s also a good idea to have a call tracking phone number on this page. I suggest this so that you can track the specific leads that come from Facebook. Services like Twilio, let you choose a unique phone number that will track and forward calls to your office as well as get text notifications on those leads.
  3. This page also gives leads a chance to connect with you on social media.

By setting up your funnel this way, with an ad, landing page and thank you page, you position yourself to build a strong email list as well as get leads booking immediately. The most important part of this process though is following up with the leads and turning them into loyal customers.


Making contact with your leads is essential for the success of your campaign. DO NOT WAIT for them to contact you. As a health professional, it is crucial that you make the new client understand you care about them as a person.

The first thing you need to do to effectively follow up with your leads, is set up an email automation so that your leads get an email immediately after they click the button on your landing page. This email should thank them for signing up for your offer and repeat the tracking phone number from the thank you page.

I highly recommend using ActiveCampaign as your email autoresponder because it is inexpensive, simple to setup automations and integrates with most payment processors and websites. But any email provider that can connects with your landing page software will work.

The second part of following up with your leads is to make personal contact. Your office needs to establish a schedule for this. Every day, you need to contact the new leads. It may take a few tries to actually get ahold of someone. Just remember, if they were willing to fill out the form, they want you to contact them!


Once your leads are at their appointment, it is your job to keep them coming back. Remember that red envelope I mentioned earlier? This is where it comes into play.

When your lead gets ready to leave your office after their appointment, have the receptionist present them with a plain red envelope and instructions to open it after they are at home. Inside the envelope is a letter that invites them back for a 1-hour massage, states the normal cost for that kind of session, but offers them 50% of that price if they book within the next 48 hours.

This “Red Envelope Technique” had a 70% close rate at Adkins Chiropractic and Massage clinic. What this special offer does is gets the leads to come back as a paying customer for their second visit as well as establishes a bond with the customer.


There are TONS of ways to alter this technique to fit your practice specifically. It also can be applied to many other service based businesses. The end game for them all is the same; develop a relationship with your leads that will keep them coming back month after month.

Facebook advertising, coupled with a lead generating funnel and a KILLER offer is hands down the most effective way to capture and retain leads for your massage practice. After that it’s up to you to keep things stimulated!

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